Reorganizing your work environment is possible.
And it has never been easier
The workspace is evolving.
In this broader and multipurpose context, it is important to carve out spaces dedicated to privacy, concentration and acoustic comfort, for all those situations that cannot be disturbed and cannot disturb.
It’s time to rethink your
office layout
A system designed to reconfigure work spaces
through great flexibility, which makes it perfect for open-space environments.
Allocate spaces without segregating them.

Two main customizable and modular solutions that are easy and quick to install:
Collaborative Room and Phone Booth

Collaborative Room - Estel
Phone Booth - Estel
One product, multiple functions
Provide any office with a private retreat
Meeting Room

Collaborative Room is the ideal space for holding meetings with absolute concentration and privacy; its construction materials make it completely soundproof.

soundproof office pods - estel
Operational Office

he perfect solution to create an individual soundproof office even in Open-Space settings.

Break Area

ollaborative Room is also ideal for coffee breaks or moments of leisure, without the fear of disturbing colleagues outside.

Waiting Room

A comfortable lounge space for waiting customers or suppliers, which can be furnished with upholstery from the Estel range.

Phone Box

An acoustically insulated booth, designed for phone calls and moments of individual concentration.

Support Room

A discreet space to house printers, scanners and plotters, or to be used as a technical equipment storage area.

Conference Room

A space equipped for video calls and remote meetings, acoustically insulated to provide privacy and concentration.

Open Plan Offices

Collaborative Room is not just a pod or an office phone booth. It’s a way to move companies to Activity Based Working.

3 versions

The module is available in Free-Standing, Wall-Mounted and Multiple versions


The cladding of the Collaborative Room has been designed to guarantee sound insulation up to 36 dB.


The LED lamps guarantee 500 lux of illumination on the work surface, and are activated by a motion sensor, to avoid wasting energy

soundproof office booth
6 sizes

The Collaborative Room is available in 6 sizes and can fit most spaces.

Aeration and Sanitation

The ceiling mechanical ventilation (CMV), operated from a keypad and a dedicated app, provides a maximum flow rate of 240 mc/h


Plug & Play power supply. Inside, the module is equipped with convenient USB ports and AC/DC sockets for charging and powering devices


A silent shelter dedicated to phone calls or moments of focus and concentration: available in single or double version.


Perimeter made up of blind plywood paneling, covered with sound-absorbing fabric.fonoassorbente e da moduli in vetro temprato che garantiscono un isolamento acustico fino a 34 dB.


The lighting consists of a bar
17W / Mt LED, powered by a
transformer installed above the cover.

cabine insonorizzate ufficio - estel

Phone Booth is equipped with a ventilation system installed on the ceiling, delivering an air flow of 60 m³/h.


Nel soffitto sono integrati il sistema di ventilazione e l’illuminazione a LED. Entrambi si attivano automaticamente grazie ad un sensore di presenza.


Phone Booth can be customized in numerous colors and finishes, choosing from fabrics, melamine and lacquers.

A good reason to choose Collaborative Room?
We have at least 10 of them.
It is beautiful, and you will be quite comfortable
Beauty creates harmony, stimulates creativity and inspires people.

And the Collaborative Room is awesome, inside and out: 100% made in Italy, it is designed and built for the wellness of those who use it and to blend perfectly with its surrounding environment.

The Collaborative Room is the winner
of the Archiproducts Design Awards.

2. Assembly
Ready in hours,
not days
Versatility of the elements, ease of transport, speed of installation, quick accessory configuration, ready-to-install pre-wired construction…
Everything has been designed to rethink your spaces in no time at all.
office phone booth - estel ufficio
Phone Booth
office private booth - estel
Collaborative Room
Just how, where and when you want it
A single model to fit any size. The Estel Collaborative Room is easy to install thanks to a modular system that can be put together with pre-assembled and pre-wired elements.
And if it’s easy to mount, imagine how easy it is to just move it.

Reconfiguring your workspace becomes quick and easy.
Do you need anything else?
A system that takes care of you
Whether it’s about your physical well-being or to find a moment of peace for your mind, the Collaborative Room is there!

Temperature calibration, versatile and adjustable lighting, ergonomics of the interior furnishings and soundproofing system that make you realize how pleasant it is to work or to take a break in this new space.
The clarity of sound, the pleasure of silence
Understanding each other well is important, which is why the sound-absorbing system of the Collaborative Room and the Phone Booth makes every word clear and echo-free.

On the other hand, sound insulation, both internal and external, becomes precious when you need privacy for your conversations, concentration or you do not want to disturb your colleagues who, unfortunately, have been left out there.
Hear the difference
Come in and get some fresh air!
The Collaborative Room is equipped with a controlled mechanical ventilation system, which self-calibrates depending upon the number of people in the pod.

Moreover, the Covid-Free Sanitation system makes it a healthy and pleasant environment even for prolonged stays.
Bright ideas
500 Lux

No glares, no dark corners.

The energy-saving LED strips, recessed into the ceiling, allow for absolute visual comfort, ensuring clarity and definition, while the natural light coming from the windows supports psychophysical well-being.

There is a whole world around
Thanks to the large glass surfaces, the Collaborative Room allows you to experience a comfortable and private environment, but without feeling isolated.

In addition, the glass sheets allow light to filter through, thus providing natural lighting.
Barriers are meant to be broken down
sala riunione con accesso disabili - estel
The Collaborative Room has no steps or obstacles. We have made it truly accessible to everyone, also because everyone will want to try it.
A sustainable approach that respects our land
Pods are made using materials, such as glass and aluminum, which are totally recyclable and manufactures following a low-polluting emissions approach.
We all need security
The product has been tested by UL on the basis of nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards, which warrant that it is free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire and electric shock.
Hinged door in clear tempered glass (10 mm thick) framed or flush and hinged with flap for better acoustic insulation. Outward opening, with handle and possible lock.
Universal wiring diagram applicable all over the world: accessories powered at 24V with no electrical risk (the short 220V path – from the socket to the driver – features insulated protections). Inside the box, two socket blocks can be positioned in the dummy module portion.
A healthy and comfortable environment begins with the air you breathe. In all Collaborative Room versions, air exchange is guaranteed by a ventilation system installed on the ceiling, which allows CO2, humidity and temperature control and has a flow rate of 240 mc³/h.
4 Models, endless
Don’t put limits to your imagination: there are 4 basic versions available, but the customization options are endless.
office space phone booths
Phone Booth
Free standing – Wall mounted
office work booth - estel
Collaborative Room
Free standing
collaborative room estel
Collaborative Room
cabine insonorizzate ufficio - estel
Collaborative Room
Wall mounted
Countless furniture and color combinations
office acoustic phone boothroom office phone boothtalkbox office phone boothprivate phone booth officephone booth for open officeoffice work boothoffice meeting room pods
Look who has already chosen
Collaborative Room
cabina ufficio
cabina isolante da ufficio
cabina telefonica ufficio
acoustic booth office
office booth furniture
indoor office pod
office work booth
phone booth 2 people
What else can we add?
Design consultancy
The flexibility of the Collaborative Room allows us to design the modules on the basis of your space specifications, thus creating your ideal environment.
We help you assemble and relocate the Collaborative Room, allowing you to reconfigure your space in a few hours.
Our products are designed to last: tested and approved on the basis of the most rigorous technical regulations, and manufactured with attention to detail using the best materials.
Change your way of experiencing the workplace today
Discover the design and functionality of the Collaborative Room in person in one of our showrooms
Vicenza • Milano • Roma • Bari • Barcellona • Madrid • New York • Shanghai
cabina insonorizada oficina
Are you a professional? We have material for you too
Request access to our Materials Area dedicated to professionals
Interior Fittings
See how you can furnish your Collaborative Room, to make it even more comfortable and functional
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