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Can the Collaborative Room be moved?

Yes, once the Collaborative Room has been assembled it can be disassembled and reassembled in a new location.

How long does it take to install Collaborative Room?

Installation times vary depending on the size of the pod but are approximately 6/8 hours.

Is the Collaborative Room a free standing product?

Yes, collaborative room is a free standing product. The wall compositions are always free standing but can be placed next to the wall.

How does the air change take place inside the Collaborative Room?

Collaborative Room is equipped with a VMC system that guarantees an air exchange equal to 240 cubic meters / h. For the Phone Booth version, however, there is a ventilation system, activated by a presence sensor, which guarantees an air flow of 60 m3 / h. In both cases, the air exchange is higher than the minimums established by the UNI 10339 standard.

How many people can stay inside the Collaborative Room?

Collaborative Room is a modular system available in increasing sizes. The 110×110 cm Phone Booth version, the smallest, is suitable for one person. The Collaborative Multiple version 295×295 cm, the largest in the catalog, can accommodate up to 8 people. As mentioned, thanks to the modularity (48 cm step), it is possible to increase the size of the Collaborative Room and consequently its capacity.

How much is the noise reduced inside the Collaborative Room?

We have certified the acoustic insulation characteristics of our pods according to UNI EN ISO 717-1, obtaining the following results:
-COLLABORATIVE ROOM: Acoustic insulation from outside to inside 26 db. Acoustic insulation from inside to outside 34db.
-PHONE BOOTH: Acoustic insulation from outside to inside 29 db. Acoustic insulation from inside to outside 40db.

How is the Collaborative Room powered?

Collaborative Room is a plug & play system: once installed all you need to do is connect a single power cable to activate all the electrified systems. Each Collaborative Room has at least one removable internal blank panel that houses the 24V low voltage electrical wiring. The suspended worktops, as well as any tables and chairs, and the internal blind panels can be equipped with USB or AC / DC sockets for charging and powering the devices.

How many cables are there inside and outside the Collaborative Room?

Collaborative Room is a plug & play system: once installed all you need to do is connect a single power cable to activate all the electrified systems.

Is it possible to customize the Collaborative Room color?

All the blind walls can be customized with fabrics and colors of different finishes, like the interior furnishings. See our finishing sheet for more information.

What are the Collaborative Room measures?

Phone Booth and Collaborative Room are modular products: in addition to the “standard” sizes in the catalog, it is possible to design versions of increasing size respecting the 48 cm pitch.
Standard PB dimensions: 110×110 – 110×151 – 151×110 – 199×151
Standard dimensions CR: 192×199 – 247×247 – 295×247 – 295×391 – 295×487

What materials is the Collaborative Room made of?

Structure in aluminum, blind panels in multilayer wood covered with sound-absorbing fabric, glazed modules in glass, hinged door in tempered glass.

Is the Collaborative Room a sustainable product?

The entire Estel production chain is ISO14001 and FSC certified. Our company uses 100% of energy from renewable sources.
Collaborative Room therefore contributes to the LEED score for sustainable buildings, thanks to the materials it is made of.
All the components of the Collaborative Room, once disassembled, can be sent for recycling.

Where can I see and try Collaborative Room?

You can book a visit to one of our showrooms to see and test the Collaborative Room. You can try Collaborative Room in Vicenza, Milan, Rome, Bari, New York, Shanghai, Barcelona and Madrid.

How much does Collaborative Room cost?

Questions about Services

Is the Collaborative Room a free-standing product?

Yes, the Collaborative Room is a free-standing product. Note: The wall elements are always free-standing, but can also be installed against a wall.

Does Estel ship and install worldwide?

Sure, our branch or a local dealer will be in charge fir assembly, install and test any new collaborative room.

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